The Nieuwkoopse Plassen

Nieuwkoop with its Nieuwkoopse Plassengebied is part of Natuurmonumenten and a quiet area. Recently Nieuwkoop also has a beach and a cozy beach bar. You can row to it. Nieuwkoop is a bit hidden away from the highway, but has been loved from the past for its scenic beauty. The Hague school with painters such as Israel Weissenbruch and Maris have recorded this on many canvases.

The village has a rich history from peat extraction and the forge craft Nieuwkoop counted over the centuries hundreds of forges, of which only a few are left. In the Forge Museum you can see how these craftsmen used to practice their profession. The Smederijmuseum is 100 meters from your accommodation. You can also take a look at the Polder Museum and the Natuurmonumenten visitor center. You can continue driving, cycling, rowing or electrically sailing to De Meije on the other side of the lake. At the striking water tower, popularly known as Pete Pencil, the Meijepad, a popular cycle and walking route, starts one and a half kilometers long, which leads straight through the lake area to the village of Nieuwkoop.


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