Nieuwkoop with its Nieuwkoopse Plassengebied is part of Natuurmonumenten and a quiet area. In addition to nature, there is a lot to do in and around Nieuwkoop. Go and discover Nieuwkoop and its surroundings.

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Sailing school Nieuwkoop

Do you want to learn how to sail in a fun way? Learning to deal with the natural elements of water and wind so that you can steer your own boat: so you can determine your own course? Are you between 7 and 18 years old and looking for a fun sailing activity during the holidays? Or are your children (grandchildren) in that age category and do you want to give them a fun and educational holiday? Come and sail at our sailing school.

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de Blauwe Meije

Are you enjoying relaxing in the Groene Hart? Then you are very welcome with us. In our haystack or on the terrace. We are open every weekend from 12 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Are you looking for a small-scale location for your training, workshop or meeting, which gives peace and space (room 100 m2, Free WiFi and HD Beamer, large garden)? Then you have come to the right place. On every day of the week. We have an inspiring location, in a rural location (just behind the Nieuwkoopse Plassen) and yet close to the big cities. Our spaces are also used as a gallery and exude an informal and casual atmosphere.

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de Wel

Swimming pool De Wel has a lot to offer for young and old. There is a competition pool (25 m), a children's pool, a toddlers' pool and a paddling pool, into which the 32-meter slide opens. There is also an effervescent bench and jet steamers in the plunge pool. In addition to the competition pool, a professional tanning bed, an infrared cabin and a steam cabin are at your disposal.

De Wel has a sauna with a steam bath, a sauna cabin, a plunge pool, hot / cold foot baths and a cozy relaxation area. A professional tanning bed is also available in the sauna area. Outside De Wel has a nice toddlers' pool and various play houses and climbing equipment on and around the large lawn and of course the nice terrace. There is also a tough air cushion trampoline.

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Forging museum


In this museum the rich history of Nieuwkoop and the forges is recorded and you get an impression of the living and working of the blacksmiths and their families. The typical small house with behind it the workshop with the blacksmith fires brings us back to a piece of history: the heyday of the forges. During the tour there is forging in the way that happened in the past and there is a tour in the living area. There you will be informed about the ups and downs in the history of forging and you will get an impression of how people lived at the time.

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Walking the Silence garden

In the small town of Noordeinde near Zevenhoven there is a lourdes cave behind the Johannes Geboorte church in a quiet garden. This cave is six meters high and built from rough boulders from the Belgian Ardennes. At the top right of the rocks is an almost life-size white statue of OUR LADY by LOURDES. This is a copy of the French statue and dates from 1913. It is a place of tranquility and spirituality, leaning against the cemetery, in the middle of the polder's tranquility.

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Theater Kaleidoskoop

An attractive and pleasant cultural meeting place for all Nieuwkopers and everyone who is not a Nieuwkoper. A building where young and old can greet each other and where fun events are organized for everyone. Where there is also a nice, cozy theater where you can watch films and go to shows.

Everyone can enjoy themselves with the various activities that are regularly organized. Enjoy casual music on Sunday afternoons during our Music Café. Or 'just' a cup of coffee and a newspaper on Thursday morning! But that is also possible on Tuesday or any other day of the week; our doors are always open!

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Flowergarden De Sfeerstal

Teahouse and B&B hotel De Sfeerstal has a beautiful flower (picking) garden. Away from the bustle of the busy cities, in the middle of the green heart, you will find an oasis of colorful flowers. Stroll quietly through this beautiful garden of approximately 1 hectare and enjoy or pick a bouquet of flowers or book a flower arranging course.

In the garden, depending on the season, there are more than a hundred types of flowers such as: Peonies, Daisies, Campanula's, Women's mantle, Astilbe, Achilea, Solidago, Flox, Veronica, Roses, Scabiosa, Marjoram, Coneflower, Artichokes, Sunflowers, Zinnias, Dahlias, Marigolds , Nigella's, Lavatera and various grasses.

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Do you want to experience the beauty of the Nieuwkoopse Plassen and are you curious about the backgrounds of this nature reserve? Then the sailing excursions of Natuurmonumenten are for you. Our nature guides welcome you and will gladly take you on the road.

Activity calendar

Keep an eye on the activity calendar throughout the year. Every now and then there is an opportunity to experience the Nieuwkoop lakes also during the winter during the so-called 'bikkelvaartvaart'.

Rent Blauwjantje

It is also possible to rent our whisper boat Blauwjantje for your own group. There is room for 28 adults on board. Discover the beauty of the Nieuwkoopse Plassen with family, friends or colleagues. There are always 2 nature guides with your group. 

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In the summer, Het Zonneveer maintains a ferry service for cyclists and pedestrians across the Nieuwkoopse Plassen. The boat is supplied with 100% solar energy and is whisper quiet. There is room for a maximum of 12 people and around 8 bicycles.

We leave (at 11, 13 and 15 hours) in Noorden from the Loswal at the R.K. church and for the return trip from the Hollandsche quay in De Meije (at 12, 14 and 16 hours). This is a connection between the bicycle junctions 57 and 83 and takes less than an hour.

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Reghthuystoren Climbing

Do you want to climb the tower with a group? Do you want to enjoy the wide views of nature? Amsterdan, Rotterdam and Utrecht can also be seen in clear weather.

Climbing is only possible by appointment. Contact VVV via info@vvvnieuwkoop.nl.

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The pool has 3 basins; a competition pool of 25 meters, a recreational pool and a toddlers' pool.

The three basins border on a wonderful large sunbathing lawn. For the older youth there is a soccer and volleyball court. In addition, there are two inflatables, one for the little ones and one for the older children. Swimming pool Aarweide also has a large slide that ends in a separate basin. The paddling pool has its own sunbathing lawn. At the kiosk that is open on warm days, you can buy sweets, snacks, ice cream and drinks.

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In the middle of the Groene Hart, centrally located between the big cities lies Golf and Countryclub Liemeer, an open, accessible golf club. With an ‘all-weather’ 18-hole Championship Course the Torenbaan, a 9-hole par 3 and 4 Bovenlanden course and extensive practice facilities, Golf & Countryclub Liemeer offers opportunities for every player. Young or old, starting or advanced, everyone finds a place there. And for a training session or a snack and a drink in a casual, open atmosphere, our complex offers all possibilities. We are happy to welcome you at Golfpad 1 in Nieuwveen!